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Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar Kids Activity (FREE PRINTABLE)

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As the holiday season twinkles upon us, we’re all looking for ways to make each day leading up to Christmas a little more magical… while also keeping our little ones entertained and engaged in all the Christmas fun!

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the “Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar Kids Activity,” a delightful and interactive way for your little ones to count down the days until Christmas!

Materials You’ll Need For This Activity…

  • Good, thick cardstock (we recommend 200gsm+ / 110 Lb)
  • A printer – your home inkjet printer works fine
  • Cotton Balls (or colorful pom poms)
  • Glue
Get your free printable Santa's Beard Advent Calendar! A creative and engaging way for kids to countdown to Christmas. Easy, fun, and festive!

What Is The Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar?

Imagine a jolly Santa, with his beard not yet full of fluffy white. That’s where your kiddos come in!

We’ve created a fun, free printable featuring Santa with a numbered beard.

Each day, as Christmas draws nearer, your child gets to glue a cotton ball onto Santa’s beard on the corresponding number.

By Christmas Eve, Santa will have a full, cottony, white beard, thanks to their daily efforts! You could use colorful pom poms if you’d prefer Santa to have a colorful beard too!

How To Use The Santa Advent Calendar

1 – Gather Your Materials: You’ll need our free printable of Santa, a bottle of glue, and a bag of cotton balls (see the materials list above). Make sure to use a good size dollop of glue for each cotton ball and allow it to fully dry before holding upright!

2 – Set Up Your Calendar: Place the printable in an accessible spot for your child. You could pop it in a frame and remove the the glass so your advent calendar can easily be displayed each day. Or you can pop some clips on it and put it on your fridge or anywhere else you’d like to display it.

3 – Daily Fun: Each day, have your child find the number corresponding to the days left until Christmas and glue a cotton ball onto it.

4 – Countdown Together: Enjoy this special moment daily, as you talk about the upcoming holiday joys.

5 – Christmas Craft: This is also a GREAT one-sitting craft for the classroom or at home! Children can practice counting as they glue on each cotton ball and leave with a cute little Christmas craft!

Ideas To Customize Your Advent Calendar

1 – Get Creative. Use colored cotton balls or sprinkle some glitter for a bit of sparkle. Or use other materials like feathers, leaves, scrunched up paper, or any other craft supplies you have on hand.

2 – Print Various Versions. Print a version of this Santa Calendar for each of your kids and have them choose their own way to decorate Santa’s beard each day.

3 – Decorate The Whole Printable. Pop some glitter on Santa’s hat, add some moving eyes, draw pictures on the printable… anything you’d like to make this activity your own.

Hello Lovely Printables

Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar

Embrace the festivities with this fun and creative countdown activity, perfect for little ones eagerly counting down the days until Santa’s arrival. Click the button below to access the Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar Printable.

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We’d love to see your Santa’s Beard Advent Calendars in action, so please share your experiences or photos in the comments below or tag us on Facebook.

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