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Secret Santa Questionnaire (FREE PRINTABLE)

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Every year when the idea of Secret Santa is brought up, I always find myself conflicted.

I LOVE the idea of Secret Santa, being able to give gifts to others makes me so darn happy. But… I’m also a perfectionist, and I like giving the right gift.

The thought of giving someone something they don’t like does not spark joy and can make the whole gift giving process more stressful than exciting.

Which is why the Secret Santa Questionnaire is brilliant.

It takes the guessing and back and forth ‘will they…. won’t they’ out of the question and makes things oh so easy.

I promise… you’ll be so glad you have this handy little questionnaire.

Materials You’ll Need For This Activity…

  • Good, thick cardstock (we recommend 200gsm+)
  • A printer – your home inkjet printer works fine
  • Colorful Pom Poms
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • (Optional) Additional decorative items like glitter or stickers

How To Use The Secret Santa Questionnaire

So, you’ve got your Secret Santa name and you’re brimming with excitement. But, how do you ensure that your gift is as amazing as the holiday cheer? Fear not, for our Secret Santa Questionnaire is here to light your way like Rudolph’s red nose on a foggy Christmas Eve! 🦌🎁

Here’s how you can make the most out of this festive tool:

1 – Download and Print the Questionnaire: First things first, grab the questionnaire from the link below. It’s designed to be fun and easy to fill out.

Print a copy for each member of your Secret Santa group and a few spares because you know someone will want an extra copy 😊

2 – Fill In Your Festive Favorites: Take a moment to fill out your questionnaire. Be honest and creative! This isn’t just about your favorite color or snack – it’s a chance to share a slice of your personality.

Love quirky socks? Write it down! Have a penchant for peppermint mochas? Let it be known!

3 – Exchange with Your Secret Santa Group: Once everyone has completed their questionnaire, exchange them within your group.

You can do this in person at a holiday gathering or digitally if your elves are spread far and wide.

4 – Use the Responses to Find the Perfect Gift: Now for the most exciting part – using the answers to pick out a gift that’s as unique as the person you’re buying for.

The questionnaire will guide you through their likes, dislikes, and heartfelt wishes, making your gift-buying journey as smooth as a sleigh ride over fresh snow.

Remember, the Secret Santa Questionnaire isn’t just a tool; it’s your secret weapon in the art of thoughtful gift-giving. It’s designed to take the guesswork out of your holiday shopping and add a dash of personal touch to your Secret Santa experience.

Tips For Using The Secret Santa Questionnaire

Now that you’re armed with your Secret Santa Questionnaire, here are some merry tips to make the most of this festive tool.

These suggestions are designed to sprinkle extra joy into your gift-giving process and ensure that your Secret Santa experience is as delightful as a plate of freshly-baked gingerbread cookies! 🍪✨

Encourage Creativity: While the questionnaire provides a solid foundation, don’t be afraid to think outside the (gift) box.

Use the answers as inspiration rather than a strict shopping list.

If your recipient loves gardening, for instance, consider unique planters or a book on exotic plants, in addition to the usual gardening tools.

Mind the ‘No Thanks’ Section: Pay close attention to the ‘No Thanks’ section of the questionnaire.

This is where your recipient notes their dislikes or items they prefer not to receive. Respecting these preferences is just as important as considering their likes.

It shows that you care and have taken the time to tailor your gift to their tastes.

Allergies and Sizes Matter: If you’re planning on gifting food items or clothing, the questionnaire’s sections on allergies and clothing sizes are invaluable.

This thoughtful attention to detail can transform a good gift into a great one, ensuring that your gift is both safe and a perfect fit!

The Element of Surprise: Remember, while the questionnaire is a fantastic guide, keeping an element of surprise can make your gift even more exciting.

If your recipient loves surprises, consider combining their preferences with a little mystery. For example, if they love reading, instead of a specific book title, opt for a mystery book box.

Presentation is Key: The magic of Secret Santa isn’t just in what you give, but how you give it. Wrap your gift in festive paper, add a bow, or even include a personal note.

These small touches show that you’ve put thought and care into your gift, making it all the more special.

Have Fun!: Above all, remember that Secret Santa is about spreading joy and having fun during the holiday season.

Enjoy the process of discovering your recipient’s likes and dislikes, shopping for their gift, and anticipating their reaction. This is the season of cheer, after all!

Armed with these tips, you’re all set to use the Secret Santa Questionnaire to its fullest potential. Happy gifting, and may your Secret Santa experience be as merry and bright as the holiday lights!

Hello Lovely Printables

Secret Santa Questionnaire

Take the stressful guessing out of Secret Santa Gift Giving with this absolutely brilliant (if I do say so myself) questionnaire. Click the button below to access the Secret Santa Questionnaire.

And there you have it – your guide to becoming the most thoughtful Secret Santa ever, armed with our cheerful Secret Santa Questionnaire! 🎅🌟

So, don your Santa hats, get those pens rolling, and let the festive fun begin!

If you loved this activity, check out our other Christmas crafts and ideas below.

We’d love to see your Secret Santa Questionnaire’s in action (and see what you found as a gift!!), so please share your experiences or photos in the comments below or tag us on Facebook.

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